Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax & Business Taxation

PJR Accountancy are experts in all aspects of business tax. We aim to help you reduce your Corporation Tax bill.

PJR Accountancy can help you minimise your corporation tax payments. We can relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation, to guide you through the taxation minefield. We have created a dedicated tax team. PJR deals with all business tax matters. Which includes, preparing income and corporation tax computations. We can also calculate your partnership tax return or corporation tax self-assessment returns.

Our service looks to make as many tax savings as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and efficient service whilst getting a detailed understanding of your company.
PJRs knowledge of taxation ensures your business stays completely safe whilst maximising your tax savings.

Corporation Tax Returns
The Limited Company Corporation Tax Return (CT600) must be submitted along with the company’s accounts and tax computations.
PJR can prepare your Tax Return as soon as your accounts are finalised. This avoids rushing at the last minute to avoid HMRC penalties, giving you plenty of time to organise your payment.

Business Taxation
Business Tax will be a cost to any profitable business. Plus, the compliance and reporting obligations, investigations with tax authorities, and penalties for non-compliance.
Every year the Chancellors of the Exchequer threatens to simplify the UK tax system, in reality, it becomes more complex with each passing year.

Anti-avoidance legislation has been strengthened over the years and affects all businesses, whatever their size. Tax is an important consideration in many business transactions.
Compliance is also demanding and the penalties for getting it wrong can hurt. The need for careful tax planning is an inescapable part of modern business life.

For expert help, advice, and highly professional service, call our dedicated tax team on 01702 546360 during office hours.