Bookkeeping Service

PJR can help and advise on bookkeeping and accounting systems for your business. If you do have the resource within your business who’s able to manage your Bookkeeping we can help with training.
If however, you do not have the resource in-house, we can also provide the following support.

In Company law it is required that all companies abide by statutory rules and regulations. Particular information must be included in their accounts.

We provide bookkeeping services to our clients in many locations across the UK. Quarterly, monthly, and weekly options are available. Businesses need to keep accurate and up-to-date tax & VAT records.

Bookkeeping can improved efficiency within a business. With easy access to clear information, you’ll make better-informed decisions faster.

The PJR bookkeeping service includes…
• Sales & Supplier invoicing records
• Cashbook & Petty cash
• Bank reconciliations, Debtor & Creditor lists
• Management Accounts Service
• Maintenance of your VAT records

Bookkeeping at our Office
The most cost-effective option is for clients to provide their paperwork to our office. You can do this either on a monthly or quarterly basis. We use the paperwork to prepare tax and VAT returns.

PJR uses a secure Client Document Portal, designed specifically for us and the way we like to work. We can exchange information securely with our clients saving time and money for us both.