General Tax Tips

  • Get your tax return in on time (by 31st January at the very latest) – to avoid a £100 penalty.
  • Pay the tax on time Tax is due on 31st January and interest is charged from that date. 28th February is the absolute deadline to avoid a 5% surcharge.
  • Keep all your tax related records.
  • The Revenue only guarantee to calculate your tax if you get your return to them before 31st October Otherwise you may need to use us to help you complete the calculations on your return.
  • If you do not employ an Accountant, the revenue will help you calculate your tax correctly. However, we are unclear if they will help you to minimise your tax advantages.
  • Warning! In recent years the revenue has gained more power to start ‘enquiries’ and they do not have to give you a reason for looking in to your tax affairs.

PJR can prepare your tax return for you from as little as £100 + vat.

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